Of late, Windows has become incredibly bloated with useless apps and services. These apps take up crucial RAM, processing power and disk space. It significantly slows down the system and you are left with a laggy mess. The sad part is that you can’t even uninstall these apps through the Control Panel. So to find a way around it, we are using Administrator privilege and Execution Policy to remove such apps and services. Here are the steps to do it which will finally speed up Windows 10 significantly.

1. First up, download the Windows 10 Debloater ZIP file

2. Extract the ZIP file and open it. You will find three major files, but right-click on “Windows10DebloaterGUI” and select “Run with Powershell”.

Debloat Windows 10 2

3. On the first run, it will ask if you want to grant Execution Policy permission to the script. Type “Y” and hit enter to allow the PowerShell script to run.

4. Now Windows 10 Debloater window will open. Here, click on “Remove all bloatware”. It will start removing such apps and services.

Debloat Windows 10 3

5. The process will take some time to complete so keep patience. Also, you will be prompted with many dialogues during the process to re-confirm your action. So keep a check on your PC during the process.

6. After the debloating process is complete, simply restart your PC. Now Windows 10 will become completely bloat-free without unnecessary apps. You will notice a remarkable boost in your computer’s performance and it will speed up Windows 10 fairly well.

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